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December 30, 2012


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Ben was sitting on a bed in a bedroom of the new house the group was staying in drawing pictures. Kenny walks in,"What are you doing?!" he sternly asks. Ben just looks up and starts to answer but then notices he was drunk and didn't know if he should answer."Hey! I asked you a question!" Kenny yelled at the boy. Ben jumped when Kenny pulled out a gun."Nnnggg..." Ben didn't feel comfortable with Kenny and a gun. Then Doug starts to walk in as soon as Kenny shoots Ben in the shoulder,"Ben! Kenny?!" Doug didn't know what to do. Kenny walks by a pushes Doug aside and leaves the room."Awww!" Ben screamed and Doug ran to his side,"Ben? Are you... okay?" Doug worried. Ben opened his eyes and looked at his shoulder and then passes out in Doug's arms,"Holy- what do I do?!" Doug just sat there with Ben's unconscious body and knew he had to bandage Ben's arm and quick. After Doug bandaged the hurt boy he sat back down and held Ben in his arms again."Dang... Ben has the cutest face." Doug thought to himself then shakes his head,"What am I thinking!". Ben then opens his eyes a bit and sees Doug kissing his forehead. The younger boys eyes widen,"Doug!" Ben says weakly. Doug then just looks at the boy in his arms,"Sorry... I was just-um..." Doug didn't really know what to say when Ben cuddles up to him. "It's fine Doug..." Ben said softly Doug just looked down at Ben amazed he wasn't freaked out. He then smiles as Ben fell asleep. Kenny walked in the room the next morning,"What's going on here?" Kenny says noticing Ben shirtless and bandaged up while Doug held him. Doug pulls Ben closer,"St-stay away from him..." Doug said a little scared of Kenny. Kenny was confused,"Oh God what happened to his shoulder?" Doug then realizes Kenny don't remember anything,"You-you shot him l-last night remember?" Doug tried to remind Kenny but Kenny only freaked out,"No I di-!Did I?" Kenny said. Ben woke up and see Kenny startled him,"No!No!No! Doug don't let him hurt me!" Ben said as he jumped into Doug's arms."Ben he wont not right now. He doesn't remember shooting you." Doug told Ben. Ben looked into Doug's eyes then looks at Kenny. Kenny just shook his head and left the room with a slam of the door Doug jumps, dropping Ben on the floor. "Sorry kid..Ben." Doug apologizes as he holds out a hand and Ben blushes and smiles,"Thanks..Doug." Ben grabs the helping hand and gets pulled up. Doug pulled a bit to hard and pulled Ben on top of him and they fall to the bed."Sorry! Again!" Doug says and blushes.Ben hovering over Doug blushes and replies,"Your-your strong..." Ben smiles and looks at Doug's red face and giggles. Doug blinks and stares at Ben who apparently wasn't going to get off of him... but Doug didn't mind at all he kind of liked it.        --T.B.C...--
Aww that's a good story.
AskOncelercat Dec 30, 2012  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
dawwwwwwwww, the cute ness!
Ashben11 Dec 30, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
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