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Ben's P.O.V.
I was shaking...badly. Doug looks at me, but I can barely see through the darkness. Everything was so... dark. "D-D-oug... I...I'm getting cold. Doug I'm scared." Doug grabbed my hand. "Ben it's- no...god no Ben you're freezing!" I stared through the darkness at the man. Lee and Clem walked into the room. "What happened?" Lee asked. "The storm messed with the generators." Doug spoke sadly. Lee had a flash light and pointed at me. "Aw." I covered my eyes. "Gosh Ben you're pale." Lee spoke concerned. "Hey Doug what's up with him?" Lee questioned. Doug only looked at the ground and shook a little, due to the coldness. "He's...sick. And it'll only get worse in this weather." Doug looked back up to Lee. "D-Doug Everything will be...o-ok." I spoke, shaking. I placed my hand on his arm. "Aw! God..." Doug jerked away from my and held his arm. "It...It....still hurts?" I asked remembering the injury he got. "Yeah...but its ok." Doug walked back over closer to me. "Ben..." Doug began to speak and placed his hand on my chest. "...I'm sorry." Doug stared down at the ground with his hand still firmly on my chest. "N-No... d-don't say that." I wrapped the man into my arms. "Don't..." I whispered. Doug gripped his hands into the cloth of my jacket. He was crying. Doug buried his face into my chest, gripping tightly onto my coat. "There's nothing we can do...w-we're all g-going t-to....-" Doug stopped talking and began crying again. "No! Nothing is going to happen. We are going to be ok Doug." I grabbed onto his shoulders and pushed him away from me enough so I could look him in the eyes. "We are going to be ok!" I shouted... only because...deep inside I knew...that wasn't true... I only wanted to comfort Doug. "Doug...I-" Doug pushed against me again and buried his face. "I love you..." the man whimpered. "Wait! What? I'm confused..." Lee stared at me as I held onto Doug. I looked over to him. His eyes widened. "Oh... uhm... I think I get it. You two are.. um.. y-you know..." He switched his finger from pointing at me to Doug. I nodded knowing what he was trying to say. I stared down at the man I held in my arms. "Oh...I don't ....I don't judge. By the way I was just getting this straighten up." Lee cleared his throat and focus away from me and Doug. "It's ok Lee." I smile up to him. He smiles back, "You two are-" He looked down at Doug and stopped talking. "Doug?" Lee questions the man. I looked down at Doug. His eyes were weak and his lips had a bluish tint to them now. "Doug!" I panicked. Doug looked up at me sleepy-like. "Y-Yeah..."His body shivered. "Oh scared me." I wrapped my arms tightly around him. He smiled slightly. "We should gather up all the covers and stuff and stay close together to keep warm. I think the storm might last awhile." Doug weakly spoke and stood up. I nod and stand up with him. "Sounds good. Let's go." I began walking through the house along with Doug, Lee, and Clem. We all went to separate rooms to search. Once we had searched the house completely, we bundled the covers onto the largest bed in the house. Lee stayed close to Clem and I stayed close to Doug.
-Later in the night-
Lee and Clem were asleep on one side of the bed, while Doug and I laid awake on the other side. I wanted to talk but it felt awkward with Lee and Clem in the same room. Doug was pressed against my body. I blushed when he looked up at me and smiled. It was still cold but not as bad now that we were cuddled together under covers. Doug cuddled closer to me. His cheeks got red. I smiled. He's blushing..but I wonder why, we've laid like this many times and he never blushed. I stroked my hand along the side of his sleepy face. He looks up at me and smiles. I get closer to him. He smiles. My mouth was so close to his, I could feel his breath against my lips. I quickly kiss the man's lips. Doug's lips were so soft and warm. I began to giggle after I pulled away. Lee moved in his sleep causing me to jump. "Shoo. It's ok. He's a heavy sleeper." Doug giggles under his breath. I look down at the man and smile. " do you know that?" I stopped smiling but he continued. "One time back at the motor inn, me and Clem were trying to wake him and it never worked. I threw a pillow at him and he never budged." Doug laughed. I smile then look over at the little girl who was now sitting up in bed, awake. "Clem, did we wake you?" I frown and ask the girl. She shook her head and crawled over Lee and Doug. The small child curled up next to me. I gasped slightly then look up at Doug. He was laughing. I smile and look down at the little girl, who was now back to sleep. "That's cute." Doug smiles as he looks at Clem cuddling me. "I can't cuddle you now though." I giggled. He smiled. "Eh, don't worry about it, I'll just go cuddle with Lee." Doug joked and I shake my head and giggle. I lay back into the bed and wrap one of my arms around Clem. I smile then look back up to Doug, who was already asleep. I smile at the sight of Clem, Doug, and Lee all sleeping peacefully. I close my eyes and fall into a deep sleep, not knowing of what I have just done to myself.
To Be Continued...
gnomeiet Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
Aww that's soo sweet and cute.
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Aww that was soo cute
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Thanks I'm glad you think so :)
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